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Our one-year Heartiversary Celebration! The club I never wanted to be apart of. Lessons I learned caring for a child with congenital heart failure I never in my life thought I would be part of this club. I didn’t want to believe the baby I was carrying would one day need open heart surgery. However, […]

Noah’s 1 Year Heartiversary

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When is the Best Time to Get My Newborn’s Photos Done? If you’re wondering when to schedule that heartwarming newborn photoshoot, the 2-4 week window after birth emerges as an ideal timeframe. Here’s why this period holds a special kind of magic: Cherishing Baby’s Fleeting Features Baby’s Growth and Changes Here is a fun list […]

The Best Time for Newborn Photos – Unveiling the Beauty of the 2-4 Week Period

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A letter from a mom with a special needs child Milestone mamas, I need to talk to you. Milestone mamas, I have been avoiding you like the plague. The thing is, I am one of you. It’s my favorite thing to talk about my kids with other moms about what our kids are doing. It […]

The isolation no one talks about

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Family Photography at Sinissippi Gardens, Rockford Illinois As a photographer in Rockford, Illinois, you have to take advantage of the Beautiful Sinissippi Gardens for your photoshoot backdrop. There are many possibilities to turn a portrait session into a stunning image. Aurora got ahold of me for a group portrait of her whole family. I love […]

Family Photography at Sinissippi Gardens

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Using images to focus on gratefulness in everyday moments

Gratefulness through images

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Fall inspired Mommy and Me Session in Rockford, Illinois

Mommy & Me Session Rockford, Illinois

Mother sitting with daughter on bride bridge

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Can I do a Boudoir Maternity Photography Session? Um of course you can! Boudoir has been stretched out from the original term being “a women’s bedroom”. I would call your session more of a spicy maternity session 😉 Not only is it ok to have one, you should be able to capture your beauty and […]

Boudoir Maternity Photography|Rockford Illinois

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Belly Beautiful: Why Maternity Photos are so important (Seriously, You Don’t Want to Miss This! Hey love! It’s Krystal Shugas here, your friendly neighborhood photographer and your go-to gal for capturing those magical moments in life. Today, we’re diving into the why behind maternity photography and why missing out on it might be a missed […]

Why Maternity Photos are so important

Pregnant women in a field

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Our list of nationwide photographers that focus on families with children with disabilities.

Included in Inclusion Directory Illinois

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Is Family Photography Worth it? Well Hello again! Look, I get it: you’ve got a smartphone packed with filters and an extended arm that’s basically a selfie stick. So, you might wonder if investing in family photography is worth it. Well, let’s chat about why a professional photoshoot might just be the missing puzzle piece […]

Capturing Memories and Giggles: Is Family Photography Worth It?

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