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A letter from a mom with a special needs child Milestone mamas, I need to talk to you. Milestone mamas, I have been avoiding you like the plague. The thing is, I am one of you. It’s my favorite thing to talk about my kids with other moms about what our kids are doing. It […]

The isolation no one talks about

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Using images to focus on gratefulness in everyday moments

Gratefulness through images

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Our list of nationwide photographers that focus on families with children with disabilities.

Included in Inclusion Directory Illinois

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Finding the right photographer for your family Finding a photographer to trust and accommodate for your medically fragile children can be scary. Special needs families. I see you. I know it can be scary, worrying, and overwhelming to think about family photos. As a special needs mama myself, I feel I plan things a little […]

Finding a photographer for your children with disabilities

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Ezequiel Noah’s Lens Particpant We have stopped focusing on Milestones and just celebrating each moment. This isn’t a club I wanted to be part of. Sharing stories of the most scary moments of my child’s life or the club of open heart surgery for my son who could not even crawl yet. But today I […]

Regaining moments lost

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