Offering free portraits to families with children with disabilities

It started with your story 

How it started

My son Noah was born in 2022 with Down Syndrome and a large VSD. He was in NICU for 10 weeks before coming home leaving again for two open heart surgeries. We spent a lot of time worrying and not enjoying every moment. 

Noah's Lens was created to help families capture moments with their children that have chromosomal and medical fragile diagnosis. We understand the sometimes it is hard to catch moments, when you are in the thick of it all. We want to offer inclusion, compassion and beautiful portraits to other amazing families with kids like our Noah.

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"Krystal is very easy and fun to work with, she made me feel very comfortable!"

Alexandra marquez

"Had a wonderful experience! She made us all feel so welcomed and comfortable

-marina avila

"my friends and family were blown away by the portraits I shared"

-cassandra mckee

I could not do this without you

It brings me immense joy to offer free portrait sessions to families with children facing disabilities. While these sessions are a labor of love, they do involve considerable time and expenses. Your support, whether through a donation or assistance, helps cover the costs of equipment, editing, and the hours dedicated to each portrait session. Your contribution ensures I can continue offering these meaningful sessions to more families in need, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Any support, big or small, is immensely appreciated and makes a profound difference.

Should you wish to donate, we've made it convenient through our Amazon list or PayPal link. Any support, big or small, is immensely appreciated and makes a profound difference.

Noah's Lens sessions are for children with medically fragile diagnosis and chromosomal abnormalities. 

How do I qualify for a Noah's Lens Session?

It is very important to us to be accommodating and inclusive for every family that walks through the doors. We use handicap accessible studios to make sure wheelchairs and other mobility devices are able to get in without complication. We scout parks and on location spots that have an easy terrain and paths that make walking and moving easier. We also offer in home sessions for those that cannot make it to our studio or an outdoor location. 

Are you handicap accessible?

Noah's Lens is focused on offering free sessions to families with children with disabilities. The core of Krystal Shuga Photography is not different than that of Noah's Lens. We focus on experiences, no matter what someone's ability. Noah's Lens is a branch to offer our already portrait session services to others without any financial burden. 

What is different about noah's lens compared to a regular session?

Noah's lens current goal is one session a month. We try not to turn any families away, but may need to schedule further into the year if we have an influx of inquiries. We are currently booking into the spring of 2024.

How many families do you offer free sessions?

All Noah's Lens families receive a complimentary session for their family. These are done in studio, on location or in their home if accommodations are needed. Sessions are available for the whole family and a variety of poses will be done to ensure multiple images are available. All participants receive a gallery that they can download their images for printing and sharing for no charge. 

What do families receive with a session?