Our comprehensive list of Photographers with a focus on Inclusion and accommodations for families with special needs
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Michelle Sullivan Photography

Michelle Sullivan was a wedding photographer for 10 years before her son Eli was born with Down syndrome. After Eli came along she started Littlest Warrior Apparel and the Advocate Like a Mother podcast. Photography still remains one of her many passions and she would be honored to photograph your family.

Location:OrangeCounty, CA/Outdoors/On location
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Limited sign language
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 In-studio and on-location portrait photographer specializing in maternity and family photography. Photography business coach, mentor, and in-person workshop host.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area/In studio , Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible: No
Accommodations: I’m the mother of a child with Down syndrome (www.instagram.com/hello_lionheart). I currently rent studio space from another photographer in a historic building where I had a first floor studio which was wheelchair and stroller accessible but am now on the second floor with no elevator access. That being said, there are accessible locations on the property and I am willing to go to my clients or other locations depending on what they have in mind.
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Hello! I am Krystal, and I am so happy to share my love for photography with you. My experience with the special needs community started as a child with a sister with a developmental disability. I didn't see her that way, though. She was my sister, and I was so excited to show her off. I even wrote a book in class about her. I learned very early that she is just a cute little girl who needs love just like anyone else. I was fortunate to experience Special Olympics, and dances for our special needs community that I could volunteer at and be part of something more than myself. Now, as an adult, I have a beautiful baby boy with Down Syndrome. He is the best thing ever. He has had two open heart surgeries and many obstacles, but he is just like his brothers, a fantastic boy who has love and happiness to share. It is a focus of mine to share compassion, empathy, and care when working with every client. I hope to create beautiful portraits for your family and honor every single person no matter their ability. 

Location: Rockford Illinois In Studio/Outdoors/On location
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Limited sign language
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Sara Moore Photography

Lifestyle family photographer based in Northern IL
Yorkville Illinois/Outdoors/On location, In client's home
Handicap Accessible
Accommodations: Longer Session times available 
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Rebecca Gould Photography

Lifestyle family photographer based in Northern IL
Glenview, Illinois/In your own studio , Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible 
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HoneyBrown Photography

Lifestyle family photographer based in Northern IL
Barrington (Northwest Suburbs)
/Outdoors/On location, In client's home
Accommodations: I am an LCSW and worked for over eight years in the school system with many children with special education services.
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Danielle Hardesty Photography

Danielle is a natural light photographer serving families in the Chicago suburbs! She focuses on authenticity, not perfection. Let's work together to have a playful session that shows the personality of your family!
Lifestyle family photographer based in Northern IL
Darien (serving DuPage, parts of Kane/Will and Cook County towns that border DuPage) -also willing to serve those in Fort Wayne, IN area as availability allows. Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible
Accommodations:  Longer Sessions available, worked with students in developmental delay classrooms as well as on the Austism spectrum, Masters of Arts (Early Childhood) degree
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Hi!  My name is Jennifer Featherly, I am a photographer and the owner of the J.Featherly_Photography business. I am a deaf lady, and I can do as a photographer and travel anywhere in Illinois to take pictures to the best ability. I can work on any communication means with any clients as long as I am comfortable.
Location  Oswego or aurora/Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible:No
Accommodations: Sign language which I’m deaf
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Rob Gregory Film
I am a photographer with disabilities, having lost my leg to cancer back in 2011. I have extensive experience working and interacting with people with both physical and cognitive disabilities and am actively involved in the wheelchair sports community.
Location:  Chicago/In Studio
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Sign language which I’m deaf
Socials:IG: @robgregory Facebook

Carrie From Photography

It’s important to me that you have family photos to cherish forever. Enjoy your next family photo session and put your mind at ease that your loved one with special needs will be given time and space as needed. I allow for extra time and accommodations that will help make a photo session successful. We’ll touch base prior to the session so you can give me some insight as to what will help create a positive, gentle, and calm experience for everyone involved. And after an enjoyable session, you’ll have beautiful images to last a lifetime!
Location: Downers Grove, IL but serve Chicagoland area
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: English, some French, a little Japanese, & a pinch of Spanish. Certified k-8 teacher, special education experience in teaching, at church, and in the community. I’ve had specific experience with babies, children, teenagers, and adults with Downs Syndrome, autism, and SMA.

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 Photography By Kimberli
Location  Studio in Downers Grove, but I serve families throughout the Chicagoland area.
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Extended session times upon request/as needed.

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Brianna Lynn Photography & Creative Design
Meet Brianna of Brianna Lynn Photography and Brianna Lynn Creative Design, both umbrellaed under Brianna Lynn Creative LLC. Brianna's photography career began over 25 years ago as a journalist and freelance photographer. After darkroom and composition training, she moved on to lifestyle and nature photography. Driven by her love for capturing images with emotion, she started photographing individuals, families, events, special moments, and travel photography of all kinds. She turned this passion into a business first in 2001 and has grown to make it a main focus for her professional career. Her specialties now include families, explorer sessions, portraits, small events, working with individuals with unique needs, lifestyle newborn and family, interactive experiences, and headshots/branding. After the birth of her oldest daughter and learning of her multiple diagnoses of Down Syndrome, Autism, SPD, PANS, and more, she found that she wanted to show her support of every part of her daughter including diagnoses, and every awareness day or event tied to them, by donning their shirts and car stickers. But, those single-focus symbols never truly represented her little girl. This is what inspired the first design for the dual diagnoses of Down Syndrome and Autism. From there, she created other designs supporting various awareness days/months, events and teams. She was encouraged by some fellow moms in the community to sell her designs and told others felt the same way. Brianna, with her family, have been supported by so many organizations on their journey and have been searching for a way to give back, but have not been able to do so until now. Through BLCD, 10% of all profits are donated to charities that have supported their daughter, and the remainder of all sales pay for her therapy services. "Through my businesses, I offer several fundraiser photo sessions for several local organizations throughout the year, as well as raffle items, training courses, discounted photo sessions for families in need, and event coverage at a reduced or minimal investment. Every person and family should have access to a memory immortalized in a photo regardless of needs, income, or circumstance. My photography business goal is to make that an option for everyone. Also, everyone should also be represented, celebrated, and honored for their uniqueness and individuality. Through our pillars of Include, Inspire, Empower, and Educate, we hope to encourage this goal to be adopted by the world as well!"

Location: Aurora/Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Parent of a child with Down syndrome, Autism, PANS and SPD. Degree and employment experience in social work and autism studies. Specialize in working with families with unique needs, like mine.
Socials: FB @briannalynnphotography. IG @briannalynnphotog

Little Sweet Cheeks Photography, LLC
 We are Janel Henninger and Sheena Kaszynski; best friends that have a passion for photographing babies. We have been professional newborn photographers for several years, and work seamlessly together. Little Sweet Cheeks Photography provides two experienced photographers. Together, one of us can always have a hand on baby while the other takes the photos. This level of safety cannot be matched by any other newborn photographers in the Central Illinois area. We both have great attention to detail, and can fine tune difficult newborn poses while the other soothes and makes sure baby is secure during the process. As mothers ourselves, we know that those first few weeks with a new baby can be exhausting. We want to give you an opportunity to relax and have a stress free experience. Having the opportunity to work with you means the world to us.
Location: Washington, IL
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Previous labor and delivery nurse, childcare, 13 + years child and family photography experience. Both business owners have children with autism.
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Payton’s Photography Inc
Location: Batavia Illinois and surrounding areas/In studio , Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: I have my own child who has a touch of the ‘Tism. I understand sensory, emotional and time sensitive needs with all clients. I always create a safe space for my kiddos and adults !

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KiMartinez Photography
Location: Chicagoland/Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: No
Accommodations:  Longer session accommodations. I also have a 14 year old son who is Autistic, so I have experience with patience for children and adults with special needs.

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Rhonda Johnson Photography
All are welcome! 
Location:  Ottawa, IL/In studio , Outdoors/On location
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations:  Master’s Defree in Education, special education resource 

Socials: @Rhonda Johnson Photography

Mia Colone Photo LLC
Hello! I’m Mia. A pediatric nursing student and fun-loving photographer based in Chicago. My philosophy is that EVERYONE deserves memories. Having a neurodivergent little sister and being a special needs nanny, I have years of experience working with kiddos of all abilities. Your memories, connections, and love are special -let’s chat!
Location: Chicago Illinois/Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations:  Special needs nanny experience. Sister with autism. ASL training.

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Joshi photography
Location: Chicago Illinois/Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Languages: English Gujarati Hindi

Socials: Joshiphotos02

Marissa K Webb Photography
It’s funny really – when I was about 13 I was handed a camera with film… I went to Columbia College in Chicago and majored in photography with my BFA (2009) and as if that wasn’t enough, I was fortunate to study with some incredible photographer’s at Illinois State University who not only encouraged my growth as a photographer but also taught me all about documentary photography… ISU is where I earned my MFA in photography in 2014. I have always captured friends and family members events, portraits and anything in between. I left the world of teaching photography and took my art and crafted it into what Marissa K Webb Photography is today a true to color, documentary meets classic style of photography. A business who believes all individual’s stories deserve to be told. I am a sister to an amazing individual who has taught me that in this world kindness matters because of her disabilities I have learned how to capture all beings thru my lens without added stressors to their family members.

Location: Wheaton/Western Suburbs/Chicago/In studio , Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Languages: Sensory friendly, no time Constraints, ability to meet before session, adaptability, ADA accessible, Wheel chair friendly sessions For the last 30 years I have been educated and been a care taker for my special needs sister. I have worked with multiple organizations across the US to allow for special needs families to have their memories captured without the stress.
Socials: Facebook Instagram @marissakwebbphoto

Eliana Melmed Photography
As a photographer, I believe that everyone deserves to have their story told through beautiful and meaningful images. I am passionate about creating inclusive and accessible photography experiences for all individuals, including those with special needs. Having an autistic brother has given me a unique perspective and understanding of how to create a safe and comfortable environment for families that may not be used to being in front of the camera. My goal is to create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, regardless of their abilities or challenges. I specialize in capturing authentic and candid moments that reflect the personalities and unique qualities of my clients. I take the time to get to know each person I work with, and I adapt my approach to suit their needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for family portraits, personal branding photos, or event photography, I am committed to creating a positive and inclusive experience that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to shine. Let's work together to capture your story and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Location: Chicago/Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: Longer or shorter session times available, happy to discuss any other accommodations you may need!

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Wild Roses Photography
Photos are meant to capture the love you and your family share, at Wild Roses Photography I understand sometimes that means some extra guidance and patience is required to each families needs. Let me show you how stress free and fun this process can be, you'll walk away with images to celebrate the bond you share.

Location: St. Charles, Illinois/ In studio , Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations:  Handicap accessible studio for private and patient indoor sessions. Able to accommodate sensory needs as communicated. Patient and time accomodations for outdoor sessions

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LaRae’s Images
Location: Cambridge MN/Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: No
Accommodations: I grew up with a brother who had special needs. I am the Grandma of 4 grandsons with special needs. Autism, Social disorder, transition disorder, and a grandson with Ds
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 Hey Lucy Photography
Photos are meant to capture the love you and your family share, at Wild Roses Photography I understand sometimes that means some extra guidance and patience is required to each families needs. Let me show you how stress free and fun this process can be, you'll walk away with images to celebrate the bond you share.

Location: Columbus, Ohio/ Outdoors/On location , In clients home
Handicap Accessible: No
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Hills Photography Studios
 As a special needs mother myself, I understand the planning, coordinating, and fear surrounding booking a photography session. After my son was born I quickly realized that I didn’t want him to miss out on any of the experiences other children have. The thought of taking my medically complex child to visit Santa Claus and risking the exposure to germs was insane to me. That’s when I started heavily focusing on supporting our most susceptible children because medically complex children deserve to have the same experiences in safer environments. My studio regularly hosts sensory safe and medically complex safe sessions. I have photographed hundreds of children with different abilities. I strive to ease the worry of parents and caregivers surrounding getting that perfect photo of their child.
Location:  Simpsonville, SC/ In your own studio , Outdoors/On location , Rental spaces, In clients home
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Accommodations: ASL, sensory friendly lighting, sensory station, wheelchair accessible, medically complex safe space with sanitization between all clients,currently moderate in ASL
Socials: @hillsphotographystudios on Facebook & Instagram

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Dazzling Light Photography
 Children's boutique portrait studio specializing in custom experiences. We provide regular newborn, milestone and family portraits, along with fairytale portraits.
Location  Round Rock, TX/In studio , Outdoors/On location
Handicap Accessible:YES
Accommodations: Longer session time accommodation, private sessions (no other family in studio)
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west Virginia